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  • Full Lace Frontal-BodyWave

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    Full lace frontals gives the ease of having real-look partings from ear to ear without leaving any hair out for a great protective style.

    Recommmends 2-3 bundles of  3.5 oz. for a natural look

    • Can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled. No excessive bleaching or pulling at the base as this item is hand sewn.
    • Last from 6 months to a 1 year depending on care.
    • No shedding or matting
    • No synthetic mix
    • Additional bundles: for 12” to 16” needs 2 bundles for a full sew in. 18” to 30” needs 3 to 4 bundles for a full sew in.
    • Hair colors are dependent on donors and only come dark brown to light brown.